our services and prices

  • Men's haircut300 ₴
  • Buzz rumble200 ₴
  • Beard cut200 ₴
  • Hair & beard cut420 ₴
  • Buzz rumble & beard370 ₴
  • Beard edging100 ₴
  • Kids haircut250 ₴
  • Daddy & son500 ₴
  • Daddy (hair&beard cut) & son650 ₴
  • Razor shave200 ₴
  • Correction cut180 ₴
  • Head shaving200 ₴
  • Gray off200-500 ₴
  • Styling100 ₴

About us

Barbershop CutMen will surprise you with stylish and original haircuts from professionals. Here you will find a marvelous transformation, because professional care for your hair is the main task of our masters. And the barbers, armed with razors, trimmers and razor blades, will put in order a beard and mustache - what will emphasize your style. The entire staff is specialists who will make the whole complex of services at the proper level. Barber activity involves mastering the basic list of skills to work with hair of different quality. Our pros should contact not only for the correction of regrown hair, but also for a special male and children's haircut, haircut for a typewriter, a haircut for a beard and mustache, and shaving with a straight razor. They will help you choose the actual shape that will be easy to lay; with the help of professional scissors they will add volume and lightness to the hairstyle and, of course, will emphasize your particular style. Or do it using a male styling that does not take much of your time. And of course, our comfortable chairs, hot coffee and pleasant music will make your stay here high-quality and comfortable.


photos of our work, team and interior.


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